Buddy Lee VersaTrainer Jump Rope Colors Available Pink Green Red


Buddy Lee VersaTrainer Jump Rope Colors Available Pink Green Red

$30.00 $27.95

  • JUMP ROPES FOR FITNESS: This Versa Trainer Jump Rope is your key to the perfect speed jump rope workout. These ropes will help you on any fitness journey.
  • JUMP WITH THE BEST: Buddy Lee jump ropes are the high-end, high-performance jump ropes used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and jump rope professionals. Train with a durable PVC cord and comfortable, lightweight handles to jump higher, faster, and stronger than you ever have before.
  • SWIVEL-BEARING TECHNOLOGY: Buddy Lee’s patented swivel-bearing technology has revolutionized the jump rope industry. Swivel-bearing technology ensures a smooth turning motion in any direction—with no friction or drag. Professional jump ropers love the smooth motion and affordable quality.
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE: Buddy Lee Jump Ropes are designed for everyone, whether beginner or advanced, adults or kids. The lightweight rope is versatile, and the bamboo-style, ergonomic 8-inch handles are comfortable for any hand size. This is more than a rope; it’s a way of life.
  • DIMENSIONS AND DETAILS: This is a 9’3” jump rope cord. Get a jump rope that perfectly matches your height; these cords are adjustable for anyone 7′ and under! These ropes will ensure years of high-performance jumping for people of all ages.
  • Rope Cord is Replaceable
  • Swivel Bearings are not replaceable!!!


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